In, we believe in e-commerce which ensures intimacy and simple procedures for our customers.

We offer every product of ours in purpose to be used by the user, in a legitimate way and for the intended purpose.

The availability and the prices of products, services and transportation may change according to the circumstances or due to the forces of majeure needs. doesn’t resume consequential responsibilities concerning delivery times, customer promises to third parties based on the available products. Typographical errors or malfunctions during the introduction of new products that may be applied for a limited period of time, can cause price changes or changes in the availability, but always the customer is informed.

The order does not ensure the availability of the product. In most cases the system keeps in priority and provides accuracy to guarantee the availability. However, there may be deviation. In a case like this, the customer is informed and the order can be continued upon its consent with similar products, or be discontinued without NO OBLIGATION OF CUSTOMER (* in case of 100% of payment we refund the amount, if the cancellation is due to non-product availability).
Items, and benefits are used at the sole responsibility and commitment of the client, for legitimate purposes. The customer's statement to is that they transact within the economic and moral legitimacy.