I. Yesterday and today

Since the late 80s until today, we have been engaging in the field of production and provision of objects aimed at decoration of internal spaces like paintings, works of art, etc. Over the course of our 30 year occupation in the field, we have developed and operated a very successful franchise stores’ network all over Greece, placing our company among the leaders of the Greek market.

At the same time, we created decorative objects that filled with “images and emotions” our customers’ households and professional spaces. We brought the “art of the picture” closer to people and we managed to associate it with their every-day life. As years elapsed and we were seeking new revolutionary and innovative ideas, we managed to transfer the “images and emotions” to another object, both personal and utilitarian, which could simultaneously depict the personality and the experiences of the person who carry them.

The idea which was eventually generated lied in creating shoes which would associate the uniqueness of popular tourist destinations with memories and the special mentality of our customers. Therefore, in 2014 we founded the «ARTSHOES HOLDING LTD» company, based in Cyprus.

16 designs from Greece, under the brand name “artshoes.gr’’ comprised our first collection. The uniqueness and commercial appeal of our products induced to us the strong necessity to transcend the borders of one single country and invest in our international presence and development. In this way, we created the brand name CELDES®, which is the acronym of the words CELEBRITY DESTINATIONS, thus giving our products an international and multicultural character.


Today, we hold the exclusive right to using the commercial trademark Celdes worldwide.

II. Products

We create and make available in the local and international market, unique canvas casual shoes with “images” from popular destinations around the world. We create fashion products that appeal both to the tourist market and the casual apparel and footwear market as well.

Our purpose is to create shoes that meet the personal needs and the unique mentality of each and every customer of ours, ensuring at the same time, quality and comfort at their feet.

Our products are available in collections depending on the country from which our “image” themes are derived (e.g. Europe – Africa – Central and South America, USA etc.)

What is more, we design and produce exclusive and absolutely customized designs for every country, organization, group, company and cater for the uniqueness and originality of each partner, associate or client of ours.

Specialized executives of our company are committed to constantly researching for and exploring new innovative ideas for the manufacture of products that enrich our product range, reflect our company’s philosophy and contribute with an additional value to the brand name CELDES®. We are constantly striving to keep track of the latest trends in the International market and create contemporary fashion objects.

○ Unique design

Applying our 30-year experience know – how and expertise in producing works of art, we have developed a unique method to design our products, so that they achieve the desired outcome that combines images with emotions in the best way. The constant brain-storming and experimentation is the hard core of our creative process, this is why in every stage of our product design we focus on the person – client – associate.

During the first designing stage and after having selected the country which constitutes the “source” of our inspiration, we look for “images” which are directly associated with it and may originate from tourist sights, landscapes, art, personalities, habits and everyday – life in it. We make use of our partners and associates in every country as unique co-creators, asking them to impart the culture, art, civilization and every-day life of their country to us. We ask them to create with us images from their countries.

We have already designed and continue designing shoes with themes inspired by Europe, Africa, central and Southern America, the USA as well.

○ Quality commitment

Our approach to the production process lies in two basic principles: the constant search for innovation, making use of the know-how and the experience that have been acquired and our perseverance in our fundamental principle to create value and a unique advantage in our products.

We are constantly working and putting considerable effort, but also with strict quality controls, so that we can provide both the local and the international market with products of high aesthetic value and quality. We monitor every stage of the production process, from the supply and purchase of the raw materials, the samples’ production until the final set up and co-ordination of the production process of the products which will be placed in the international market.

The design of our shoes takes place in Greece and for their production we use canvas, printed with absolutely safe inks and rubber outsole, which makes the shoes very flexible as compared to the broadly used ordinary PVC sole.

III. Customers

Our youngest customer is 13 years old, whereas the oldest one is 86. The average age of a Celdes buyer is 43.2 years old, while 34.2% of the buyers are up to 40 years old and 29.7% are between 41-50 years old.


57.1% of Celdes shoes owners wear them when going out, while 25.4% use them on a daily basis.


The quality of Celdes shoes is considered to be very good by 40.5% of the clients whereas 53.2 % think it is good.The variety of designs is regarded as very good by 2 out of 3 customers, whereas the innovative properties of the designs by 88.9% .

Text Box: (“The unique designs, and the fact that they act as postcards from a place”)

Text Box: (“The designs are distinctive…not easy to be mistaken for other designs”)

Text Box: (“They're unique . . . conversation starters!!!”)

The figures mentioned are derived from processing the stored data of our customers, as well as from a survey we have conducted among them.

IV. Points of sale

Ever since the very first year of its establishment, our company has developed at a remarkably high pace, establishing its presence internationally, both in the tourist items’ field and the apparel and footwear field as well.

Our co-operation on a wholesale sales level are with 22 countries from all continents, we have created a channel of steady exports, making our brand international and powerful.
























At the same time, by operating our online store, we have developed a complementary distribution channel of our products, providing our associates – exclusive representatives with an additional development tool for their sales and, on the other hand, providing our customers with the option of purchasing our products from any place of the globe.

V. Facilities

Our base is located in Cyprus and we collaborate with exclusive representatives from all over the world. Our company invests constantly in technology systems, making direct and effective the communication among various departments, between us and the network of stores and the distribution centers of our products.

The distribution of our products takes place via our transit centre in Athens (Greece) which has undertaken the storage, the transport and distribution of our products in points of sale all over the world monitoring the global trends, both technologically and systemically in the field of logistics, so that a prompt and immediate distribution of products is achieved.

VI. Organizational chart


The organizational structure of Celdes is laid out in a way that it ensures flexibility and at the same time determines the accountabilities and the responsibility margins of each operational unit. It allows the constant direct communication among executives and the continuous information and feedback flow and also ensures the development and transpiring of a unique business perception.

The company executives hold a long-term and significant experience in their field of expertise. They also cover adequately the operational needs and also own experienced external partners and consultants who assist with their expertise and know-how in its business development.

VII. Philosophy

Our vision:

To associate in the minds of our customers, the brand name CELDES with the most popular destinations of the globe.
To develop a worldwide network of associates which will solidify our brand name and it will be capable of sharing with them our passion for creativity and further development.

Our mission:

To constantly exceed our associates’ and customers’ expectations.

Our values:
Each and every customer of ours is unique and we show it to them! We offer them unique products that accentuate their personality and sophistication. We offer them our services with due respect, politeness and professionalism. We invite them to join the CELDES® family.
We have a strong commitment to the quality of our products and services!
The «big CELDES® family». Every associate, supplier, employee constitutes a member of a great team sharing a common vision and faith in the same principles.
Our associates are the ambassadors of our vision! We constantly support them with our know-how and we provide them with all necessary means so as to develop and advance.

VIII. Development strategy

Our company development strategy focuses in:

Development of our network of associates (exclusive representatives in every country) and, as a result, the franchise Celdes stores in all countries.
Development of the online sales methods and practices.
Expansion of our products’ range under the brand name CELDES® .
Solidification of the brand name CELDES® .

Committed to our goals:

We invest in continuous research for the quality improvement of our products and the development of new products.
We invest in our presence in international exhibitions and trade fairs all over the world, which pertain to the tourism industry as well as the apparel/footwear industry, thus promoting our products on a worldwide scale*.
We analyze, closely monitor and study the particular characteristics of the market of every country where we aspire to expand.
We invest in the most cutting-edge and up-to-date facilities.
We possess the necessary human resources.
We invest in the CELDES® brand name promotion.
We are excelling at promoting our business profile abroad.
We are looking for reliable associates worldwide.

IX. Business opportunities

In CELDES® we invest in the development of business relationships and collaborations which are based on mutual trust, common vision and long-term duration. Our goal is to generate a network of associates consisting of exclusive representatives which meets our business goals, achieving considerable profit and development rates, both for us and for our associates.

We are looking for experienced and dedicated associates who are interested in sharing an exciting business future with us! We select our associates by criteria which ensure the quality of provided services and guarantee that they serve our vision and principles.

The business opportunities we offer to our associates include:

► The development of a CELDES® stores’ network with the Master Franchise method we have developed.
► The distribution of our products through a wholesale network.
► The exclusive handling and exploitation of our online sales, on our e-shop in the designated geographical region they will be assigned.

- Master Franchisee Package

We have thoroughly developed a complete Franchisee package, which grants individual entrepreneurs, the opportunity for certain business success which includes:

■ The right to commercial use of the trademark CELDES®.
■ The right to the development of a franchise store network, with the authority of the Master Franchisee, undertaking the exclusive accountability to develop, support and monitor their network.
■ Geographical exclusivity for the region they will be assigned to (region within their authorization).
■ Support in the lay-out and the merchandising of the stores, by providing the respective architectural design guidelines and guidance regarding the products’ placement.
■ Guidance with pertinence to the modus operandi of the franchise stores, by adequately equipping them with the ‘’stores operation textbook’’.
■ Constant training of the Master Franchisee, and by extension of the sub – franchisees, in customer care and sales techniques.
■ Support and guidance in monitoring and control of the impeccable and efficient operation of their network’s stores, by providing the necessary information systems as well as the relevant control and supervision procedures.
■ Support in the coordination and realization of local Marketing, advertising and sales promotion initiatives.
■ Support in the participation of the Master Franchisee in exhibitions and trade fairs of the field for the expansion of their collaborations and their sales’ development.

The Celdes® Master Franchisee package addresses whoever is interested in launching their own well-known business with no particular expenses and business risks, since it meets the basic principles of a successful commercial and business activity:

✔ Low – budget initial investment.

✔ Low and controlled operational cost.

✔ Continuous cash flow.

✔ Fast amortization.

✔ High return rates on invested capital.

✔ High profit rates.

✔ Prestige and reliability in the international market.



20 Kyriakou Matsi str., Engomi

PC 1082, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22 00 7763

E-mail: celdescompany@gmail.com